In the meeting of the Board of Directors No.8/2015 held on November 12, 2015, the Board of Directors has resolved to appoint Miss Patcharee Kosanam as Company Secretary in conformance to Section 89/15 of the Securities and Exchange Act BE 2535 (Including amended).

Education and Training Background

Work Experiences

Year 2015 - Present Company Secretary
Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited
Year 2014 - 2015 Executive Secretary to Executive Vice President of
Corporate and Communications Department, Central Group
Year 2011 - 2014 Assistant to Company Secretary
Buriram Sugar Public Company Limited

Scope of Duties and Responsibilities

  1. To maintain efficiency of the operation of the Board of Directors and the Executives in conformance to the Company’s articles of association and related laws and regulations.
  2. To organize Board and shareholders’ meetings according to rules and applicable laws.
  3. To record minutes of the shareholder’s meetings and minutes of the Board of Directors’ meeting. Coordinate and follow up the shareholders’ and Board’s resolutions.
  4. To prepare and maintain all documents relating to the Company’s statutory register of directors, Annual Reports, notices and minutes of the meetings of the Board of Directors as well as notices and minutes of the shareholders’ meetings.
  5. To maintain and keep a record of vested interests as reported by directors and executives and send copies reporting vested interests of directors and executives or related persons to the Chairman of the Audit Committee within seven days of the receipt of each report.
  6. To perform other duties as required by the regulations of the Capital Market Supervisory Board.